Not much time passed from the release of my first game I've started to make a new one. It was a clone of doodle jump game.

I've decided to make a platforms with variable jump height. 

Controlling the player will be with a modified Stick controller from the previous game experiments.

One of the interesting thing to figure out was the jump. I didnt like how simple jump y+=5 look like. 

I had in mind idea to implement easing movements like animation in css. So I've made a research and find good functions and description how it works.

The movements were implemented like an array which could be processed once in a loop. So I've attached it to jump animation and text animation at the game over.

Another thing I wanted to implement is a fire at the bottom of the screen. At first I was thinking about fire in sprites but found a cool algorythm of DOOM game fire! Check it here

it was adopt to my needs a bit. Looks really great!

Link to Google Play:

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