One day my phone got veeeeeery slow. Killing apps in Settings — Application is not the real way for me and I started to Terminal. Of course, my device rooted. So, all command done in SU mode.

I saw a weird (lol) proc called system_server. So I decided to kill it. He he. Device did soft reboot and display rectangle with text «Safe mode» in left bottom corner.

$ ps -m 10 -s vss

Weird, I think) I actualy did nothin. Netwrok was working, so I open browser to search the answer.

The main goal was to wxit from the Safe Mode WITHOUT reboot. Becaus, I like huge uptime. At that time it was 44 days.

Almost every article recommed to REBOOT the device. But, diggin deepper I foun a Safe Reboot mode! Actualy, that was what I looking for. It's clear as the child butt:

$ pkill zygote

Well done! You've just made Safe reboot and your phone became faster without tons of unused services (crap that googles things).

Beside, user who bring that brilliant idea, recommenede cron tasks to clear chache and do soft reboot everyday automatic;

# drop kernel caches at 3AM every morning

0 3 * * * sync; echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches

# soft reboot system at 2AM monday morning

0 2 * * 1 pkill zygote

Use this on your own risk))))

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