So recently I had a chance to take my hands on PS4 with GoldHEN and test if my old saves from account will work there.
I've installed 1.18 version of the game and used Apollo Save Tool app to copy my encrypted saves to ps4 hdd.
But when I've started the game, it says that my profile data is broken. And when I've tried to load the saved game it says that saves corrupted.
I was so upset, there was almost 50 hours of the progress in the game!!!

But I didnt want to give up.

So I've started to dig the files in old way with HEX editor. It's so great that Apollo have it.
I've discovered that my saves were created in newer version of the game. But I didnt remember which version it was.
header version in my saves HRZ2-Release 340/7464317.
version in savefile from current version HRZ2-Release 220/806962.

horizon forbidden west save data


horizon forbidden west save data

I was not thinking too long, so I've just changed the version in old saves. Also this version code should be changed in profile too, somwhere after 70AC line.

horizon forbidden west save data

And to my big surprise the game was loaded without any issues!
The only thing I've noticed that I cant create new manual save data. Need to rewrite already created.
And after beating the game it cant create save to start NEW GAME+ scenario.

But anyway it's working. It coul miss some stuff from 340 version, which possibly was added to the end of the file. But it's not critical.
The game is awesome. Thanks Guerrilla Games!

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