I found very good website where users can read books online. https://readukrainianbooks.com has lot of books in ukrainian language. I dont really like to read books from my laptop. I found this useless, since I'm reading a books before going to sleep or sitting on sofa, dont want to carry laptop everywhere with me.

Reading on mobile is good, but not from website, where progress is not saved.

So the best solution for me is to read from Kindle Paperwhite. It supports FB2 in KOReader. I wrote a bash script to parse all online pages for book and save it to readable FB2 format. With book cover of course.


So nice that all pages urls are located in selectbox which could be parsed. One thing is here that I've replaced all options to links to get all urls with hxwls command.

	cat $1 |
	hxnormalize -x -e -s |
	hxselect -i div.storenumber.ftext div.to-page | 
	sed 's/<option/<a/g' | #replacements to make hxwls work
	sed 's/option>/a>/g' | #replacements to make hxwls work
	sed 's/value=/href=/g' |  #replacements to make hxwls work

In other functions everything is simply done with selecting concrete block in html by class/id.

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