Leaving along the hard games, I've decided to make something simple to test my new game renderer. In most of the cases first app should be a snake or arkanoid game in PC games development, but for mobile it's another Flappy Bird clone. In my case I was creating the UFO flying through the skyscrapers. Upside down sky scrapers, yea. Cool)
If not to take in point rotation of player object everything is simple enough, but there comes collision check of rotated rectangle! That's great, I've read a bunch of docs about rotatin vectors, matrix calculation etc. And create a simplier solution circle-rect collision. Works great.


Another challange was to handle Touches and Swipes. And now my engine supports swipes to. You can swipe from left to right to go through the thin holes.
Game in endless, it will became harder after 10 points. Skyscrapers placed right before they appera on the screen, no precompiled levels.
Writing this simple game I realized a huge problem that was living in my head a long time ago. I always was dreaming about developing a game, but the game was so huge in my mind so I didnt even start to make it. In my case everything should be KISS. On first steps definitly.


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