Command line could be the mighty tool but printing long command and paths to files get bother fast. In this article we will show you main hotkeys to make it faster.

Expirienced users like command line for it's opportunities to handling tought tasks in couple of lines. But for newbies it seems like hell to typing all those commands and parameters.

The commands below are suitable for *NIX compatible terminals. Working out of the box in Linux and OSX. For using them in Windows cygwin should be installed.

Up / Down

Ctrl+p / Ctrl+n

select previous command from the list.

Left / Right

Ctrl+b / Ctrl+f

move pointer by one symbol left/right.

Ctrl+Left / Ctrl+Right

move between arguments of command on input.



remove symbol left/right from current position.

Home и End

Ctrl+a и Ctrl+e

move to begin/end of input.


clear current input.


remove symbols from current positoin to the end of input.


remove word before current position.


search in history of previously entered commands.


end up searching on current line.


reset search and recover previous line.


insert previously deleted command.

Ctrl+_ (Ctrl + Shift + - )



move between start and current positoins.


clear terminal (analogue of clear)


cancel operatoin.


autocomplete input.

Using those commands will improve your working speed. But this is not the only way to improve your speed. You can create own aliases for common tasks. Check another article for it!


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