Default image formatter for multisite

Drupal 9 image field migration

As you know, when creating image field there is an option to create a default image fallback. Image will be saved in public folder. The issue is that we cant export default image within configs, but that's ok for singlesite instances where you need to manually copy the image to production website from your dev env. Also you need to update the image manually again, if you changed it in configs.

Views minimum items to display

Drupal 9 image field migration

As you know views has good pager configuration, where you can set how many items skip (offset), how many display etc.
But it has no info of minimum items to display!
For example we dont want to show the block if there are less than 5 items in results. Maybe it will break styles or somthing else.
In this case a simple condition in hook_views_post_execute will be useful :

Flyout cart and issues

Drupal 9 image field migration

It's really nice module which makes customers flow better on website with no need to reload the page on every action. One thing I dont like is a lot of not needed information was present in responses from cart or product. In my case there were internal fields of Product Variations entity which are not displayed for customers.

Default paragraphs values

Drupal 9 image field migration

Let's assume you have a paragraph SimpleBlock with Title+Text fields. You also have a node with field_paragraphs reference to SimpleBlock paragraph.
You can add any paragraph to field_paragraphs. But you can't set there a default value. For example if you want to display 3 default SimpleBlock if there are no references in field_paragraphs.
One of the solutions is to use "Paragraphs Library", but in this case you need to add this paragraph to every node.
But I want something automatic and to use the same styles from twig templates.

Bluetooth issue in multiuser systems

I'm using Xubuntu which has XFCE as DE. And it's possible to switch users fast with hotkeys, without locking them. Hotkey is Ctrl+Alt+F7 (F8, F9, F10, F11).
Pulseaudio works isolated with each user so sounds are not mixed and it's good.
But bluetooth has an issue there: when you connecting to already paired bluetooth device it can be connected to ANOTHER logged user. How you can check it? Profiles will not be available when you click right mouse in bluetooth-manager applet. 

MacOs docker groupadd error


Recently I faced with a bug when my docker containers didnt success building in macos. First my thoughts was that shell command to getting UID and GID was not working correctly. But I did a test in MacOs in Virtualbox and everything was fine.
The command which end up with error was:

Updated movies downloader from online service

My first article was about downloading movies from the page with a bit of parse and do everything in bash. This time the task gotta be more complicated. We need to download the movies from playlist which loaded by ajax.

First task is to find the check how the list with episodes appears on the page. I've checked in browser console ajax request and found PLAYLIST_ID in page source code.

PDOException: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry 'h0c...' for key 'PRIMARY': UPDATE {sessions}

Started session for anonymous user in mixed mode cause PDOException when user tries to log in. PDOException: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry 'h0c...' for key 'PRIMARY': UPDATE {sessions}

Run 4 Ketchup (devlog)

One of the popular game on Android devices and maybe the other mobiles is Runners. Like Temple runner, Train(subway) runner etc. I had a fun playing those games. The main mechanic is so easy that even a kid can play it without doubt. Since I didnt started to make a 3d games yet, I've decided to continue developing in 2d.