Views filter field search without spaces (drupal 8)

Drupal 9 image field migration

The issue related to the custom website with custom field for phone. It has spaces. One of the solution is to remove spaces on presave and process the old entries in DB removing the spaces.
But sometimes it better not to touch thing that works.
The task was to provide search by phone filter in views. There are no default methods in views to search with removed spaces. In this case I've found a solution to alter the query.
So for example the phone fields value is "+354 566 32 56" and we need to find it by searching "6632" string.
This code will help you with it:

Create file filled with random symbols

A while ago I"ve faced with a problem on VPS - there were no free space! I couldn't login into admin panel installed there. SSH was not working too.
The only thing that was wroking was FTP server which helped me to connect and free some space deleting non used files. After that operation I've finally logged in.
So, be patient to the free space available on your server and have a couple of entrances there.
One of the solution to prevent the situation like this is to have a dummy file which can be deleted in such critical moments to free up the space.

Concentration Relax Coding Music - Chiptune #2

In everyday work when you don't need to push your brain much, when you need to work as a simple copy-paste android or to test some non-critical functional; come in handy music which will be a honey for your ears but will not head off. In this case the music in dubstep, lo-fi, lounge, chillout, ambient, chillstep, techno styles in 8-bit manner will be a good point to listen. We're presenting the new compilation of the 8-16-bit music. Relax and Conenrate working on your stuff.