Terminal hotkeys

Command line could be the mighty tool but printing long command and paths to files get bother fast. In this article we will show you main hotkeys to make it faster. Expirienced users like command line for it's opportunities to handling tought tasks in couple of lines. But for newbies it seems like hell to typing all those commands and parameters.

Using APT command in Linux

Apt is a command line utility for install, update, remove and other operations. It manage dep packages in Ubuntu, Debian and distributions that based on it. It consists of most used commands apt-get and apt-cache but differs the default options. Apt was created for interactive use. Most of the commands of apt utility should be executed with sudo premissions.

Install i3lock screenlock in Lubuntu 19

In the last (at that moment) version of Lubuntu 19.04 desktop environment was moved to LXQT. In looks fine, but the role of screensaver still occupied by xscreensaver application with it's awful window to enter the credentials. I've already have a post about theming this window https://16rom.com/ru/blog/temizaciya-xsreensaver .

You should delete it immediately after OS installation: 

File sharing in linux (and other OS)

Seems like it's a trivial task but NO. You can't use Samba because of OS compatibility, FTP is too hard to understand and install and other things.

But there is a simple way to do this - use nodejs http-server!
If you're using your PC for development you've already should hav nodejs and npm.

Install the http-server package globally:

npm install -g http-server

Goto the folder which you want to share and type in Terminal: