blueman d-bus error

File transfer was not working from laptop to smartphone and vice versa. Devices connected to each other without problems.

There is a plugin TransferService in Plugins section. When I've tried to wnable it the message with error was shown:


STOP 0X00000074 (0X0000000000000002, 0XFFFFF88002E22B20, 0X0000000000000002, 0XFFFFFFFFC000009A)

If you get BSOD STOP 0X00000074 error on Windows booting,  you must to boot from bootable Windows DVD installation disc.
Run bcdedit commnad from Recovery console and type next commands.

bcdedit /deletevalue {default} numproc
bcdedit /deletevalue {default} truncatememory

Those commands would change quantity of processors and maximum memory option.

Cleaning huge Drupal 7 DB dump

Sometimes there could be an issue with huge DB which was created not with backup_migrate module but raw mysqldump command. The size of the DB could be over 2GB. Most of the data of this dump are cache tables and logs. Editing this file is not a good choice.

Current solution will remove INSERTS from the file. sed command come in handy here:

Colorbox slideshow with views from multiple images field by first image

This article about colorbox and views: how to display first thumb styled image of the multiple image field and after click on it display all images in colorbox.

First of all install views, libraries, colorbox и colorbox plugin.

$ drush en views libraries colorbox -y

Download colorbox plugin and unpack it in libraries folder.

Views filter by int value in float field

Imagine, that you have float field with 2 symbols after dot.
At the views page with filter you need to filter values by all range of module of user's float input.
Ex: user input 2.45, we filter all values  X>=2 AND X<(2+1)

With the standard accessories of views you can filter with two filter “from” and “to”. But in FO we have only one field.
To solve this problem we can use hook_views_query_alter.

We already have a view. To make our hook work, we must set the unique tag to the view, to check it in out hook. mymodule_query in example code.