убрать синий: format C: вставить скриншот: # apt-get install imagemagick $ import -window root Pictures/Image5.png $ import -window root -resize 640 -pause 4 Pictures/Image7.png
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  888888ba   .d8888P  d8888888P  dP   dP   dP  d8888888P 
88 `8b 88' .d8' 88 88 88 .d8'
a88aaaa8P' 88baaa. .d8' 88 .8P .8P .d8'
88 `8b. 88` `88 .d8' 88 d8' d8' .d8'
88 88 8b. .d8 d8' 88.d8P8.d8P d8'
dP dP `Y888P' Y8888888P 8888' Y88' Y8888888P

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