Plugin domain of plugin type views_ui:views_wizard points to nonexistent file

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This error caused module error, admin interface break-up, features etc.

At this thread propose to check if module views_ui is turned on. Of course it's on!

Another solutions is to comment out lines where file attached. But it's bad idea.

'form_wizard_class' => array(
  'file' => 'views_ui_base_views_wizard.class.php',
  'class' => 'ViewsUiBaseViewsWizard',

File 'views_ui_base_views_wizard.class.php' located in views_ui module's folder. Ctools can't find right path. Let's help him!

'path' => drupal_get_path('module', 'views') . '/plugins/views_wizard',

All thanks to B-prod for patch.

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