Run 4 Ketchup (devlog)

One of the popular game on Android devices and maybe the other mobiles is Runners. Like Temple runner, Train(subway) runner etc. I had a fun playing those games. The main mechanic is so easy that even a kid can play it without doubt. Since I didnt started to make a 3d games yet, I've decided to continue developing in 2d.


Leaving along the hard games, I've decided to make something simple to test my new game renderer. In most of the cases first app should be a snake or arkanoid game in PC games development, but for mobile it's another Flappy Bird clone. In my case I was creating the UFO flying through the skyscrapers. Upside down sky scrapers, yea. Cool)

Replace Russian Keyboard in Motorola Droid 4 Cyanogenmod root

I was using Russian Keyboard since HTC Desire Z. It was good in remaping keys to comfortable work in ru layout. After Moving to Motorola Droid 4 I installed this app by good memory.

All as great, except the Shfit+3 combination, it doesn't type the # sign. Later I discover, that another layout must be selected, not English UK. But the first step was made after discovering code on github, which promise to make eng+ru+ua layouts and switchind them by CAPS key. Plus, there was ALT and CTRL keys, which I need to play Doom with comfort.

Pixus 10.1 3G Android 4.4.2 remove malware

Chinese tablets it's not only the cheap price, but in uther cases it's not funny surprises. It was the first time I've met the problem, when the stock firmware has a virus/malware. Couple of them.

MediaTek MT8392 processor, it's the twin of  МТ6582. First is used in tablets, second in phones. I want Cyanogen to run on this device, but didn't found one. I thought that it would be great to repack cyanogen mode myself. Sources are available across the net. But I keep calm, sit down and start to struggle with virus.