Bluetooth issue in multiuser systems

I'm using Xubuntu which has XFCE as DE. And it's possible to switch users fast with hotkeys, without locking them. Hotkey is Ctrl+Alt+F7 (F8, F9, F10, F11).
Pulseaudio works isolated with each user so sounds are not mixed and it's good.
But bluetooth has an issue there: when you connecting to already paired bluetooth device it can be connected to ANOTHER logged user. How you can check it? Profiles will not be available when you click right mouse in bluetooth-manager applet. 

MacOs docker groupadd error


Recently I faced with a bug when my docker containers didnt success building in macos. First my thoughts was that shell command to getting UID and GID was not working correctly. But I did a test in MacOs in Virtualbox and everything was fine.
The command which end up with error was:

Updated movies downloader from online service

My first article was about downloading movies from the page with a bit of parse and do everything in bash. This time the task gotta be more complicated. We need to download the movies from playlist which loaded by ajax.

First task is to find the check how the list with episodes appears on the page. I've checked in browser console ajax request and found PLAYLIST_ID in page source code.

Job for virtualbox.service failed because the control process exited with error code.

I was playing with Windows XP on the latest Virtualbox 6.1.26 and discovered that there is no Direct3D support anymore! I've tried everything like 256MB RAM for video and checkbox, for sure.
On one of the page I found info that on the version 5.1.38 it still working. And I reinstall virtualbox from deb package. Install was not clear, since packages 

Create file filled with random symbols

A while ago I"ve faced with a problem on VPS - there were no free space! I couldn't login into admin panel installed there. SSH was not working too.
The only thing that was wroking was FTP server which helped me to connect and free some space deleting non used files. After that operation I've finally logged in.
So, be patient to the free space available on your server and have a couple of entrances there.
One of the solution to prevent the situation like this is to have a dummy file which can be deleted in such critical moments to free up the space.