Hey there, you happy users of free CMS/CMF Drupal! Be warned and don't forget to update your drupal sites!

Every day the the tons of net-spiders are searching holes in websites with help of the latest reports of vulnerability in cms.

They can exploit yours site in seconds if they found a hole in your website. And it's all about you forget or don't know how to update your cms. You've got a great shared hosting if it makes backups everyday. And a good news if there is no worm in backups.

In theory, if badass find a hole in website, it can encode whole files and DB and other data in non-readable shit. And after you restore a full backup - the exploit will be there. And he do it again. And again. And again. The hole must be closed for protection.

You can read docs at drupal.org about updates or you can write me from Contact page and we together will solve this probem. Update Drupal site and DB - it's not a problem. Stop badass hackers. Optimize ypur website. Protect your privacy.

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