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Installing Drupal 7 Openpublic distribution profile error is encountered:

Notice: Array to string conversion in _menu_router_build() (line 3619 of C:\wamp\www\openpublic\includes\

Fix: In the file \openpublic\includes\, find and change below line (around line 36xx)
from: array_multisort($sort, SORT_NUMERIC, $menu, SORT_STRING);
to: array_multisort($sort, SORT_NUMERIC, $menu, SORT_ASC);

Be sure to make a backup of the file first, or uncomment original line by adding // before the line.

This may also be applicable for a specific, similar error:
Notice: Array to string conversion in menu_link_save() (line 3155 of /var/www/xxx/xxx/html/includes/

Another suggestion found elsewhere is to downgrade PHP5.4 to 5.3 if that is the case. Adding additional PHP version in WampServer is easy, for switching back and forth across versions.

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